At Carers Plus it’s all about creating a workplace where you can be inspired and be inspiring. We create a workplace where you can grow and feel a sense of belonging.

Just some of the benefits of joining us are:

By joining us you will find a great work-life balance. Whether you are seeking full-time work or fewer hours with great flexibility its possible with us. Sometimes you need a change or personal obligations have to come first. That is why we are committed to giving our people the choices and flexibility they need to be at their best, and stay at their best. At Carers Plus, there are a variety of work arrangements you can take advantage of.

We are the preferred supplier of staffing for many leading and large service providers in WA. It gives you option to work with the best business and organisation in WA. You can choose a range of aged care, disability, home care and other community organisation. You will also get a choice of location from Two Rocks to South West of WA.

You will never be disappointed by not getting enough shift with us. We only hire people who demonstrate high level of quality and commitment, however, if you secure a job with us you do not need to look for another job! You just need to choose the day, shifts, choice of work and location.

We take great pride in our people. We support diversity and inclusion in the workplace no matter what role you are employed. We recognise that a culture that celebrates individuality and leverages those differences represents an enormous competitive advantage. At Carers Plus, people feel valued and included.


We are currently seeking experienced candidates to fill the following positions: