Carers Plus


About Us

Careers Plus is owned and governed by Mr Philip John Pusey who also owns Guildford Village (since 1993), St Jude's Psychiatric Hostel (since 1987), East St Lodge (since 2010), St Jude's Disability Services & St Jude's Villas.

We are located in historic Guildford, WA.

With over 32 years of industry experience, providing direct services to our clients at Guildford Care Facility enables Carers Plus to provide a solution to resolve the industry demand of sourcing experienced staff expeditiously and without a huge financial burden.  We are pro-active in taking measures to ensure our recruitment and orientation programs are effective.  Carers Plus staff members are well trained and we ensure that they are proficient in all aspects of care service. We have the resources to train all our staff in our own facility to ensure their competency and confidence before we send them to you.  Our reputation for quality has seen our services used by an ever expanding number of clients and we are able to offer our agency workers placements within a diverse number of settings.  The Carers Plus team is regularly offered mandatory training to enable them to keep up-to-date with the latest best practices. Carers Plus reputation is built on the competency and attitude of our staff so our team are expected to be professional and work efficiently for our clients at all times.  Our success begins with a rigorous recruitment process that ensures every Carers Plus member has the most appropriate, recent and relevant experience for the field in which they wish to practice.